A Grand Little Museum crammed with Dinosaurs

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I was blown away on my last visit, there's so much to see, so many new exhibits to discover. Countless ammonites from our Yorkshire shores and more distant ones will delight you with their intricateYorkshire Coast Dinosaur Museum and amazing designs. The sheer size of the dinosaur skulls will astonish you. And there are so many of them on display – Diabloceratops – the devilish looking one above your head, Allosaurus – the formidable Jurassic hunter, a life-size foot and skull of Tyrannosaurus Rex and a more modest-sized one which swoops above your head. There are teeth, vertebrae, devil's toenails, dinosaur poo, marine creatures, crabs from New Zealand and exquisite fish wrestling for your attention. This is quite a feat in such a small space!

Michael Styles, who can be found behind the counter from April to October from 11am to 4pm, is an avid collector with a passion for sharing his treasures. He has been a relentless supporter and generous friend of the Geology Trust and geoconservation for over a decade. He will divulge the secrets of his amazing collection, identify your fossil finds and answer all your questions about the amazing creatures that roamed the Earth a long time before we appeared. Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur Museum

If that wasn't enough, you will be able to buy some of these treasures, soap stone dinosaurs, colourful agates or ammonite silver pendants from the Museum's shop.

You're in for a treat at the Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur & Fossil Museum in Robin Hood's Bay!


Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur Museum